Web Graphics Developer

dithered flip phone in sky
(Jack) Xavier

I create interactive visuals for The Web in collaboration with unique brands and interesting people. Amongst them; Spotify, Adidas, HBO, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Vogue, A Cold Wall, VanMoof, Resn, Bureau Cool, 56, OKOK services, Tristan Bagot, David Rudnick and more.

My tools of choice are Javascript, WebGL, Three.js, Blender, Photoshop, Sketch and After Effects.


(1) Awwwards Site of the Year 1
(2) Awwwards Site of the Month 2
(3) Awwwards Site of the Day 12
(4) FWA Site of the Month 1
(5) FWA Site of the Day 13
(6) Webby Winner 1


I work across many different scopes, scales and capacities. It all depends on the context, for example;

(you) An Agency or Studio
(me) Joining your team as a graphics specialist to help out with 3D, animations and interactions.
(you) An Independent Business
(me) Directing and coding an interactive piece for your website, or a micro-site for your campaign.
(you) An Established Brand
(me) Building a team of pros to produce your digital campaign.


All images and videos are screen captured from the browser. The content shown in this website belongs to its owners. Some content featured in this website was captured in the development pahse and has never been officially published by the mentioned companies. Display font is The TeXGyreHeros by Gust e-foundry. Body font is Grtsk by Black Foundry. Cellphone model in about section by Lucas Lauer Gallo.